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Photos by Bartek Wolinski & Dave Trumpore 

Multi-tool content creator, Jules travels to tell your stories.

As a freelance photographer and social media consultant I create stories by capturing photos and recording videos of outdoor action sports for digital and print campaigns which help companies get noticed.

But it hasn’t been something that I stumbled upon as a career.

At the age of 16 I was asked to take photos of a friend for a Mountain Bike magazine, not sure where to start, I took the photos and they were published.
It was at this moment my passion for capturing outdoor moments started.

I experimented with video with the same best friend and filmed our entire summer vacation. A well known TV company bought the video rights. The following year I was hired by a professional MTB downhill racing team to film at all the World Cups. A few years later I ended up filming corporate videos along with a couple MX Grand Prix.

Since then I've been working full time both as a photographer and filmmaker.
Initially a hobby, quickly translated into a full time job. Something which I love, but I think is quite unique as I never feel like a hobby should be your real job.

Through my experience with the camera combined with social media I developed a winning formula.
I was creating content which told stories of the people, but most importantly got businesses noticed.
Some of the clients I was working for were already using social media but were not getting the results they wanted. I've decided to help and became a consultant.

My work as a photographer, filmmaker and then content curator has allowed me to work in many different environments, in outdoor action sports, luxury, documentary, travel and editorial.
Based in France and available worldwide.


Selected Clients:

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