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This is UR World - Sam Reynolds


For the very first time I worked on a 4K 26min documentary film for TV.

Directed over a year, I shot and edited the whole thing. Distributed by Xtreme video, the movie is available online for 48h only.

I followed Sam Reynolds, British Mountain Biker over a year.

Here is the trailer:

In a world where 360 flips, double whips and front flips are standard practice, it would be easy to think that the riders performing these stunts are crazy individuals. Sam Reynolds can, indeed, land all of these tricks but there is much more to this humble character than meets the eye. Starting as a rider hailing from the Surrey Hills just outside London, Sam has risen to be one of the top free riders in the world, yet he remains a cool, mellow guy unaffected by the trappings of fame. Much like you or I, Sam loves riding with his friends, enjoying a beer a two and progressing his riding to the next level. In this episode of This is UR world, we follow Sam through his season and provide a behind the scenes insight into Sam’s life and the epic Pure Darkness 2 and Crankworx Rotorua, allowing you to get stoked for the next instalments of these upcoming events.

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